Friday, December 2, 2011

Cold Comfort is officially out now!

This week is the Holiday Fair in Greenville, SC, and I'm sharing a booth with fellow authors Kathleen Delaney and Linda Lovely. We hauled in boxes of books and set up our space, then went to work at the arduous task of selling books. Linda's book is Dear Killer, a romantic suspense set on a fictitious island off the South Carolina coast. Kathleen's newest is Murder Half-Baked, a California coast traditional mystery. Mine is Cold Comfort, which ranges from Williamsburg, VA, to the South Carolina coast.  We met lots in interesting people, some readers, a few interested in writing. Here are some pictures of us and our neighbors the SC Wildlife Sanctuary.
Linda, Ellis, Kathleen
Did I mention that this show is three loooong days? That we come home and collapse and wonder why we do these things? Still, it really is fun to talk to readers and occasional writers. We've met some awesome librarians (some of our favorite people) and also some English teachers (who hold a special place in our hearts). It's fun, just tiring. :-)
Awed visitor

Barred owl from our neighbor, the SC Wildlife Sanctuary.
He's gorgeous, blinded in one eye so he can't hunt.
A tiny little screech owl. He comes out for two or three
hours at time and calmly watches the visitors.


Polly Iyer said...

Knowing you, you're probably thrilled with the owls. I hope you sell lots of books.

Ellis Vidler said...

The owls were definitely the highlight, but we did sell a few books.

Una Tiers said...

Ellis I love the owls, especially Emmett. Also noted Cold Comfort is EVERYWHERE on google: Amazon, Nook, Omni-Lit, Fiction Addiction, Echelon blog and here. It's so nice to have a famous friend.

Anonymous said...

The owls are absolutely gorgeous! Wow. Best of luck at the fair, hope you sell a ton of books. I've done those too, and they're exhausting.

I'm looking for guest bloggers on my site - if you're interested in plugging your new book, let me know!

Nancy Lauzon

Ellis Vidler said...

It IS nice to have friends. You all are good ones to have. Thank you. It's fun. I've been updating my website and trying to get the right links in to all the places Una mentioned.
Thanks, Nancy. The owls were the highlight, but we did find some interested readers.