Saturday, September 16, 2017

I blame Kerry Greenwood

For all these muffins I’ve been making. In addition to the charming Miss Fisher series, she writes the Corinna Chapman books, which, aside from some great characters and a wonderful flat and bakery, feature muffins.

Carrot Muffins
Corinna owns Earthly Delights, a wonderful bread bakery. Ms. Greenwood does an outstanding job of describing the aroma and taste of Jason’s muffins and even provides a recipe. Of course I made them. Several times, as it happens. And ate way more than I should have.

It all started with Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, a delightful TV series set in nineteen twenties Australia. The cast is even more delightful. I’ve fallen for all of them. The relationship between Miss Fisher and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson is one to be savored. There’s something to be learned there too—if I were an actor I’d be studying the way Nathan Page (Robinson) communicates with his eyes. (Is there a way to write that?)  Page also does voiceovers. Wow. I wish I could afford to have him read Prime Target. I'm sure he could get the accents right, and he has a great voice.
DI Jack Robinson (Nathan Page)
 Essie Davis has captured the essence of the confident, capable, and intrepid Phryne Fisher. (Her outfits are fabulous.) I could go on with Dot and Hugh—also perfectly cast—and the others, but it would just be more praise.
Miss Fisher (Essie Davis)
DI Robinson, Hugh Collins, Dot Williams, Miss Fisher
After watching a couple of TV seasons, I found the books. As you’d expect, there are differences, but the TV series stays true to the characters and the flavor of the books. At least Miss Fisher doesn’t bake bread and muffins. Thank you, Ms. Greenwood.

I recommend both series, but Miss Fisher has my heart.