Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Blustery Day

In Pooh parlance, this is a blustery day--windy, cold, and damp. The first cold day of the season, and my thoughts turn to chili. But that's for tonight. 
For brunch I decided to try Canadian Bannock, a fried bread kind of thing. The recipe came from  Felicity Kates on shehannemoore's blog. Here's the link:

Made the batter. Very wet.

Made the round thing. Still very wet.

Tried to dump it in the hot skillet in one piece. It ended up in several pieces, but it began frying. 

Tried to turn it over, using two spatulas as suggested. Hmmmm. 

Okay, here it is finished. 

This is tasty but holds a lot of the oil (Canola in my case). I think once will be enough for this. To be honest, the more biscuit-like Scottish bannocks I tried were more to my liking. 



Unknown said...

You were needing my help with the cooking (NOT) Yay for the Scots ones though!!

Ellis Vidler said...

The Scots were good. We've eaten them all now. Must make some more with new information (thanks to your blog) on oat flour. :-)