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Humorous Romance with Jan Romes

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Today I’m interviewing Jan Romes, author of delightful humorous romances. Her stories will make you smile!
Who inspires you and why?
As soon as I read this question I grinned. The answer is easy: people with a great sense of humor inspire me the most. And I’d have to say that the ability to make people laugh or to be able to laugh at yourself is one of the most endearing qualities in a person and I tend to navigate to those kinds of folks. My writing is always laced with humor.
When and how often do you write?
I write every day. Sometimes it may only be a paragraph or two. It may be on a scrap piece of paper on my way somewhere, but thoughts fire through my mind all the time and I have to write them down right away.
When I’m home I try to write in the morning. First, I get a pot of coffee brewing and then I dive into writing.
You write humorous romance. Is that a reflection of your life?
Humor is definitely a reflection of my life. I grew up with eight siblings and I have to say, we’re a weird and funny bunch. Also, my husband makes me laugh a lot. He speaks in metaphors (i.e. We were watching a high school basketball game and he says from out of the blue, ‘that kid runs like he’s pushing a lawn mower’. Someone else might not find that funny, but I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. Guess you had to be there.)
In Three Days with Molly, Finn lives on a bus. How did you research that? Have you ever been in a celebrity’s bus?
I searched the Internet for custom made buses and also found a few blogs written by ‘road widows’ (wives or significant others of musicians). My husband and I stopped at an RV dealership and I snagged a brochure that showed a plush layout. I’ve not had the pleasure of stepping into a celebrity bus. It would be awesome to be able to though. 
In The Gift of Gray, Alexis takes a job as a masseuse. Wow! How did you research that one? (Inquiring minds would really like to know. J
I’ve had massages (not recently, darn!) so I was aware of the some of the techniques, plus I work as a fitness trainer so I am familiar with the muscle groups.
Do you have favorite book (of your own) or character?
Hmm. I love them all because of the special relationship I had with the characters. I felt what they felt. When they’re happy, I’m right there with them. When their hearts get broken I cry. Each book and each character’s situation is different, so it’s hard to choose. I’m going to pick One Small Fib since it was my first book published.
Which of your characters would you most like to spend an evening with? Why?
Wild Rose Press
Again, I’m going to pick Allie Blue and Kiptyn Thomas from One Small Fib. Allie because she’s sassy but sensitive. And Kiptyn because he’s ruthless with his business skills but underneath that staunch billionaire exterior lurks a guy whose looking for happiness and love, it just takes him awhile to realize it.
How do you determine your character’s flaws?
I try to pair flaws with upbringing and occupation. In Three Days With Molly, Finn is a self-proclaimed bastard. His early life was meager so he learned early on to be self-reliant and guarded. He became a successful country-rock singer and those traits carried over into his professional life.
Molly is a hard worker with trust issues too. She works for a divorce attorney and has seen her share of dysfunctional relationships. It didn’t harden her but it made her overly cautious.
Do you have photos of faces for your main characters? Or do they live in your imagination?
I often find photos to accompany my main characters. And I refer to them often. For Three Days With Molly, Finn Riley bears a striking resemblance to country star, Jerrod Niemann and Molly could easily be Anne Hathaway’s stunt double.
Thank you so much, Ellis, and best wishes for much success with your own writing career. Your books rock!
Here’s an excerpt from
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Jessi pulled her arm loose. The second she was inside, she realized the error of coming there. If Ian was the crazed person she’d been trying to shake, she just made things easy for him. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. In her romance novels she was careful not to write ditzy heroines. Obviously, in real life she was one. Her gaze zinged around the small living room. Wicker furniture with navy and white striped cushions filled most of the space.  A large conch shell decorated the middle of the glass-top coffee table, while a small TV and an array of silk plants took up the rest of the room. Nothing screamed stalker. Then again, it wasn’t his place.
Ian was dilly-dallying, and Jessi was getting irritable. “Is that French vanilla I smell?” It was a ridiculous question since there wasn’t a trace of French vanilla anywhere.
“No. Just plain old coffee.” Finally, he led the way to the kitchen.
Jessi’s mouth instantly filled with saliva. If she didn’t get a sip of coffee soon, she would need a bib. 
Ian pulled two coffee cups from a mug-tree on the counter. He filled one and grinned.
Slow torture. She wouldn’t have to fall asleep for him to kill her. All he had to do was withhold coffee. Before he filled the second cup, his cell phone rang. Ian wrinkled his nose and walked into a room off the kitchen. Jessi assumed it was the bedroom because their places appeared to have the same layout. Ian’s conversation was somewhat muffled, but she could still hear most of the words.
“Yeah, I know. I have it under control.” Ian dropped a handful of cuss words including the f-bomb. 
What did he have under control? Jessi tossed the question around while diving at the cup of coffee still setting on the counter. She took a test sip. Mmm. Some of the tightness in her shoulders let loose. She slurped another sip. Coffee was heaven. The ultimate. Way better than everything, including sex. Jessi snickered. According to the love scenes she wrote sex was a girl’s best friend. Another sip of coffee said that was rubbish.
Some garbled rambling met her ears, but suddenly Ian’s words burst loud and succinct in her brain. “I’m going to take her by the throat and choke the life out of her.”
The sip of hot coffee in Jessi’s mouth sprayed across the plastic table cloth decorated with starfish.
You can find Jan at:
Website:    www.janromes.com
Twitter:      https://twitter.com/JanRomes
Blog:            www.jantheromancewriter.blogspot.com


Christina Fifield-Winn said...

Coffee and humor?? Jan, you and I have got to be soulmates...running like he's pushing a lawnmower??? LOVED IT...reminded me of the girl on my daughter's basketball team that doesn't run...she prances..CHEERS to a great interviewer and interviewee *clink*
Jan, I look forward to reading your work, and maybe I can hijack you for my blog: WHATS YOUR STORY?? That is if you're not too busy writing or training Americans to combat the ever talked about obesity problem...

Polly Iyer said...

Great excerpt, Jan. Your books sound like fun. I love that you create your characters by mixing their flaws with their upbringing and occupations. One does feed into the other. Another terrific guest, Ellis.

Jerrie Alexander said...

Ellis, you always have the most interesting posts!

Jan, your sense of humor shines! I love that you research. It brings a realism to the story that some books don't have. I loved the excerpt.

Ellis Vidler said...

Jan, I read a lot of crime fiction, so your humorous, happy-ending stories provide perfect breaks for me. I really enjoy getting to smile and feel good through them.
Thanks for being here this week!

Jan Romes said...

Christina, thanks for your great comments. :-)) I would love to see the girl on your daughter's bb-team that prances <---Loves to see those fun kinds of unusual athletic skills. And I would be tickled to be on your blog! Thank you so much!

~ Jan

Jan Romes said...

Thanks so much, Polly! We're creatures of our upbringing and environment so it only stands to reason that I write rom-com. My siblings are truly a hoot! lol!

Jan Romes said...

Jerrie, thanks for popping in and leaving a great comment. You're right, research...even if it's something small, can add a lot of realism to a story. Have a great week!

Jan Romes said...

Ellis, I can't thank you enough for having me on your blog this week, and for reading my stories. I'm glad those bits of humor make you smile!!