Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Time It's Banana Bread

I blame Jennifer Crusie for this. Andromeda, the heroine in Maybe This Time, made banana bread almost daily. So of course I had to have some too. My grandmother made the best in world. She tried to write down her recipe for me, but she was a little-of-this, pinch-of-that kind of cook and even though this is very good, it’s never exactly like hers was. I don’t think my bananas were quiet ripe enough this time. Patience is not among my virtues.

If you want to see the recipe, click here.

Here’s another food scene, this one from Haunting Refrain. He’s just cooked pasta alla carbonara. I wanted to show something about Kate and John in it by having her describe how she’d set up a portrait of him (she’s a photographer).

By the time Lena got to “Stormy Weather,” Kate was swaying to the music, a blissful look on her face. She finished the last bite and closed her eyes, savoring the rich taste. “You may be my new best friend. Do you cook often?”

“Occasionally. What’s your contribution going to be?”

“I'll take your picture.” She cocked her head and studied him. “Let's see. Not in a chef's hat. Maybe gloating over a table covered with cholesterol—cream, butter, eggs, you know. And something red—tomatoes, apples. And long, spiky pasta.” Warming to her theme, she continued, “Of course, there’d have to be a worm in one of the apples.”

Want to share some ideas or examples of how you or a favorite author uses food in books?

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cttiger said...

Anytime there's food, I'm a happy camper. I loved The School of Essential Ingredients and The Last Chinese Chef. Both had great food descriptions.