Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Current Read

This is my day-late teaser for Should Be Reading's Tuesday Teaser. MizB asks readers to post two sentences from their current read. I learned about it from VR Barkowski's blog. It's interesting and you can get a taste of some good books. Go on over and check out some of the teasers. Here's mine.
She stood tall in combat boots, scarce at the waist but plenty through the arms and shoulders, a body made for loping after needs. She smelled the frosty wet in the looming clouds, thought of her shadowed kitchen and lean cupboard, looked to the scant woodpile, shuddered.
It's from Winter's Bone by Daniel Woodrell. Beautiful, different writing.


VR Barkowski said...

Thank you for kind the shout-out, Ellis.

This teaser absolutely enthralls. Gorgeous description and cadence. I feel I know much about this character from just from these two short lines, and Woodrell manages it without a single cliche. Beautiful writing. This one just floated to the top of TBR pile.

Ellis Vidler said...

See the movie too. It was a winner at Sundance, and it's outstanding. It should certainly receive Oscar nominations.

Polly said...

Winter's Bone. Nice writing. Makes me feel incompetent.

Ellis Vidler said...

Me too. I'm going out in the garden and eat worms.