Sunday, April 21, 2013

So long for now, friends

The Unpredictable Muse is going on sabbatical for a while. I’ll leave the blog up if I can do so without getting spam. There are some interesting articles in the archives on writing and all kinds of topics from a number of excellent writers. I’ve been fortunate in meeting some great people and having them share their knowledge and ideas over almost three years. I’ve enjoyed it and learned a lot.
However, it takes time and energy to maintain a blog, not only to think of the topics or schedule guests, but to format and post. Blogger “updated” its program and what used to go right in now takes an hour or more to format.
Then there’s spam—a never-ending headache. I wanted it to be easy to leave a comment, but spammers made that impossible. I tried Captcha codes, but they’re a pain for everyone (I often have to try several times to leave a comment on someone’s blog, so I seldom do it). Finally I tried moderating comments before allowing them to post. That takes time, and people don’t get to see their comments appear for some time if I’m not watching. Also, all the spam comes to my email. At first it wasn’t too bad, several a week, but in the last couple of months it’s grown to around 100 a day.
I want time to write. I have another book half done that I really like, and I need more time to work on it. When it’s done, I hope you’ll check it out. Meanwhile, I’ll be on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
Thanks for your support and interest. See you again, maybe in the fall.
Cheers to all,
P.S. I've turned comments on, but spam is overwhelming so I've resorted to the dreaded Captcha Codes. I wish there were a better way. 

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