Thursday, April 4, 2013

FIRST FRIDAY! Blackburn. Hilborne. Tyler. 3 authors, 3 voices

It's First Friday, the day three authors view one picture and write what they see in 150 words or less--always fun and you get to meet three terrific authors. 
Would you take the picture, already?
But the car’s all wrong.
So what should I do, Caroline? Buy a car from the 20’s?
Maybe not. But can’t we at least borrow one?
Borrow an antique car? Like, from where?
I don’t know, Jimmy. But if you’re supposed to look like an old-time gangster, you should have an old-time car. And it should be black. I seriously doubt Al Capone ever drove a red car.
The red matches my tie.
Yeah, but black would match your toy gun. And speaking of that tie—gangsters didn’t wear red.
I’m supposed to be headed to the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in this picture, Caroline. Valentine’s Day means red. And red means blood. It’s called symbolism.
The antique store down on Route 100!
Oh, my God! You’re right! They have that old Ford parked out front.
And it’s black. I’ll drive.

“Times have changed,” Charlie’d told him.
Herman Hicks picked up the cigar.
Charlie’s words rang in his ear. “You wanna come out on top, little bro, you gotta
change with the times. Get it?”
 He didn’t like it, and he’d said so.
“You don’t have to like it, but you’ll like the results.”
Herman felt the heft of the assault rifle in his hand.
“This time’ll be different, you’ll see.” Charlie’d grinned, handed him the champagne.
“What if I get caught?” he’d said.
“That’s the risk you take.” Charlie had sighed. “Look, you’re sixteen. You’re still a minor.”
“No buts. And no more coming last. Girls want the bad boy. You want the girl don’t you?”
Wearing his brother’s clothes, Herman reached the prom, pushed open the car door, and adopted a sneer, ready to be a jerk.
Nice guys finish last. Not tonight.

“Danny, why have we stopped here?  Come on, let’s get to the party!  No, put that camera away!  I didn’t spend hours putting this costume together just to have you taking photos of me in a field!  God, how did those women walk in these pencil skirts and stilettos, anyway?  Don’t look at me like that!  What?  Come on, we said we wouldn’t talk about it again.  You said you’ve forgiven me – can we try to move on, like we said?  No!  Don’t be daft, of course I wasn’t in love with him.  It was just a moment of drunken stupidity, you were away – look, am I going to have to spend the rest of my life saying sorry?  Hey – what are you doing?  Danny, don’t be silly!  You’re not scaring me!  Put it down, come on!  I know you’re just mucking about, it’s not a real gun - ”

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Cindy Blackburn writes The Cue Ball Mysteries—lighthearted romps of ridiculous stuff that would never happen in real life. Murder meets menopause. Take a guess which wins.
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Come play with us--it's fun! Leave your idea (150 words or less) in a comment. 


Polly Iyer said...

Fun as always. Three terrific writers, three terrific shorts, three different takes on the same picture. I always look forward to First Friday.

Terry Tyler said...

Thanks so much, Ellis - I was so looking forward to reading the others' take on it too! I love how three people can see somethign so differently, and I LOVE this idea!

Ellis Vidler said...

Me too, Terry. The different ideas people come up with are so interesting, and it gives an idea of their voice and writing.

Polly, thanks. You've done some great ones on this exercise.

Jerrie Alexander said...

I love first Fridays!! The different interpretation of the picture was great fun!

Jenny said...

This was great fun to do and to read. Thanks, Ellis

laura thomas said...

This was really fun. Three very different views of the picture. I liked them all. Wonderful writing and all three built the story quickly.