Friday, September 21, 2012

Dare to Believe - excerpt

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And the winner is . . . Polly Iyer!

L.A. Sartor is giving away a copy of her romantic suspense novel, Dare to Believe. Anyone who comments between now and Sunday, September 23, by 8 p.m. Eastern time will be entered to win an eBook or, in the United States, a print book. 

Here's an excerpt.

Last night, after she'd been fingerprinted, Cate had either paced the small holding cell or stared at the ceiling. She hadn't been able to talk to Jason and had imagined every possible worst-case scenario. This morning a female deputy had allowed her to freshen up and then brought her to the judge's chambers.
And now, as the new day dawned bright, she was about to find out just how accurate her imagination was. At least Jason was allowed to be present. She'd never been as grateful for a familiar face as she was at this moment.
She glanced around the small room. It wasn't fancy. The yellowed, pine-paneled walls were dotted with framed diplomas proclaiming Arnold P. Struthers had been awarded this or that degree. Haphazardly placed between the diplomas were autographed photographs of famed skiers from Steamboat. His pine desk was massive but scarred and nicked, as if it had already seen a lifetime with its owner.
Judge Struthers wasn't fancy either. A big bear of a man with a tanned face and brown eyes—deep and unfathomable. His head was crowned by a head of thick black hair. He looked unapproachable.
Cate's heart plummeted to her feet.
"In front of me are two pieces of paper." The judge's voice rumbled out in a rich baritone, perfect for the bench. Not perfect for her.
"One is the charge of Breaking and Entering, with the recommendation of pursuing said charge."
Cate couldn't find the voice to protest, and Jason sat stone still in the only other chair in the office, hands resting on the arms of the old oak chair. A facade, for she felt the tension radiating in waves off his body.
"The other is the search warrant." The judge stared at her, then at Jason and back at her. Surely the judge could hear her frantic heartbeat. Surely she would pass out right at his feet.
Cate forced herself to breathe; going to jail meant she couldn't keep looking for Haley, and when she was found, hold her tight—then keep her tethered to her the rest of her life!
She looked at Jason, knowing he was Haley's only lifeline if she went to jail. "Find her and keep her safe," she begged, then quickly looked back at the judge, and met his eyes squarely and hopefully, bravely.
He nodded and with bold strokes, signed the second paper.
Damn. Just get it over with. By signing the search warrant he was postponing her fate.
"Now it's your turn. Tell me why I shouldn't remand you back to the sheriff's department to be charged with the crime of unlawful entry."

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Ellis Vidler said...

Intriguing bit of story! WHAT is she doing spending the night in jail? Good job, Leslie!

Donnell Ann Bell said...

Oh, I so agree, Ellis! Conflict all over the place. DQing myself from the contest, I already own Dare to Believe and am reading it right now. Just wanted to pop in and say hi to two very nice people!

Brooke Maneotis said...

Oh exciting!! I can't wait to read the book!!

Neringa said...

What an awful way to spend an afternoon, curled up in a chair, with this great book and a drink, hot, cold or otherwise... Where do I sign up!

Just awful! :-)

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hi Donnell,
How nice to see you here and thank you for the nice words. Ellis is pretty cool and you rock. I'm happy to have you both in my life.

Thanks for being here today

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt! Now, tell all your friends :)

This is an exciting time for me, I'm glad you were here to share it with me.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

You crack me up. Thank you for the kind words.

I'm so darn proud of this book.

And the cover artist :)


Ellis Vidler said...

The giveaway winner of DARE TO BELIEVE is Polly Iyer.

Polly, write to me and I'll put you in contact with Leslie to get your book.