Monday, September 10, 2012

4 Excerpts, 2 Authors, 4-Book Giveaway!

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We’re giving away four Kindle eBooks this week. Each author will draw two names from all the commenters, so you could win two books. Comments must be in by 8 p.m. Eastern Time Friday, September 14. Winners will be announced here on Saturday before noon, September 15. Check out these brief excerpts.

SO WHISPERS THE HEART by Rebecca George. Historical romance, Napoleonic era, 1803 

…Ninon was unprepared when he grabbed her from behind and threw her over his shoulder. "What are you doing?" She demanded between laughter and anger.
"What I’ve wanted to do since that night in the alley.” He patted her rump.
"Sacre Dieu, Christan, put me down! The blood is going to my head and giving me the headache."
"Not a chance, sweetheart." Laughter rumbled in his chest. "And a headache? Nina, I expected better of you."
"You’re about to get the worst of me." And then, almost pleading, "The devil! If you don’t put me down this instant, I’ll..."
"You’ll what?" He lowered her onto her feet.
"Merci!" Her sigh of relief was short-lived when she discovered he was removing his shirt.  

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CALL HOME THE HEART by Rebecca George. Historical romance, Napoleonic era, 1814  

Diccon contemplated the lone figure on the beach. The Cassie of thirteen years ago would never have sought out this solitude. But the forlorn figure below bore little resemblance to his Cassie of old.
Nor was it her appearance that seemed so changed. As he had noted before, her adolescent loveliness had matured into the potent beauty of adulthood. True, that inner fire that had been so much a part of her was lacking but to him that aura of sorrow that clung to her enhanced her desirability. His mouth twisted upward in a self-mocking smile. Cassie would be desirable to him regardless of her appearance. It was still difficult to believe that she had returned. No. What was difficult to believe was that she had ever been gone. He loved her. He had never stopped loving her.

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MURDER DÉJÀ  VU by Polly Iyer. Contemporary mystery 

“When I moved down here, I’d hoped my past life would be that—past. But when your ex-husband made a big deal about my buying this property, word got out who I was and what I’d supposedly done. I didn’t care anymore. I was tired of running and fought him.”
“It doesn’t matter who Robert hurts, as long as he makes headlines.”
Reece brushed a curl off her forehead. “Why did you stay with him so long? I suspect you did it for your sons, but there must have been more to it.”
Dana swiveled around, her back to Reece’s chest. She couldn’t look him in the eyes when she told him. He wrapped his arms around her, and she felt his heat like a warm blanket in the cool morning.
“There is.”

MIND GAMES by Polly Iyer. Contemporary suspense 
Most of America recognized Diana Racine, and the stares she attracted from the cops in the station proved no exception. She approached the ruddy-faced desk sergeant, whose vigorous assault on a wad of chewing gum slowed to a grind when he saw the precinct’s late-night caller. He squinted and leaned across the desk.
“Well, looky, looky who we have here.” Anyone who missed Diana’s entrance knew she was here now. Heads turned, tongues clicked, and eyes squinted. “To what do we owe the pleasure? Come to report a missing body, have you?”
Diana had heard similar sarcasm ad nauseum and learned to slough off the sleazy comments. But they still rankled. “When you’re finished with the jokes, I’ll be waiting right here to see the person in charge, since I’m pretty sure it’s not you.”


laura thomas said...

All of these books sound wonderful! Rebecca's romance sounds flirty, steamy and fun and Polly's has witty sarcasm and charm with an edge. It would be great to meet all of these characters!
Thanks for the giveaway. It is a great way to discover new authors to follow!


Linda Lovely said...

Polly, I used excerpts from your books this weekend to illustrate how an author should do description. You're a master at it. Great reads.

Darla said...

Oops! Thought I posted a comment but it disappeared so my apologies if this is a duplicate.

These sound great. I love the contrasting presentation of historical romance with contemporary mystery/suspense. As a cross-genre reader (and writer), I really enjoy the perspectives of life from a variety of authors. But the diversity of life is one of my favorite joys.

Polly said...

Thanks, Linda. I always worry about writing descriptions. As with most things, there's a fine line between overdoing and not doing enough. I like my readers to see my characters in their mind's eye, so I don't present a laundry list of how a character looks. Being a master at anything is beyond complimentary. Thanks again.

rebecca george said...

Laura, this is my 3rd attempt to answer you. Let's hope it's the charm. I love the word "flirty". Never considered it myself but Nina (Ninon) is flirty and Christan gives it right back. From their first encounter, they bandied words and I just wrote them. It was amazing and a fun book but there are also a few surprises within. Thanks for your comment. Rebecca

rebecca george said...

Darla, I read cross genre but don't ever think I could write a contemporary. Isn't that odd? I'm more comfortable with keeping my characters in an accurate past than in an accurate present.

Polly Iyer said...

Laura, I love the witty sarcasm and charm with an edge. I couldn't have described it any better. Thanks for stopping by.

Malena said...

All of these excerpts whet my appetite for more. I think it was clever to make them so short and leave us wanting. Great suspense writing.

eclairre said...

I hope I win! eclairre(at)ymail(dot)com