Thursday, January 25, 2018

Ear of the Listener

I’m giving away one audiobook of Cold Comfort to a commenter on this blog. Grace Lowe is an amazing narrator, and she brings the characters to life. I just listened to it again and was caught up in Claire Spencer’s story, much as I was the first time I heard it. The audio brings out all kinds of things I didn’t expect. Listen to the sample at  .
Cold Comfort,

Hearing your book read by someone else is eye-opening. The narration adds a whole new dimension and offers an insight into how others interpret the characters you know so well. Sometimes they’re quite different from the way you imagine them, giving the dialogue a tone or meaning you hadn’t thought of. I often read a book and later listen to the audio version. It’s a new experience.

This giveaway is in preparation for my audio of Prime Target, in production now. It should be ready to go in the next couple of months. This one will be read by Drew Stone, a man who does spot-on North Carolina accents, among others. I fell for his voice a couple of years ago but was only now able to work out a deal with him. Prime Target has a variety of characters, mostly male, and Drew captures them well.
I’m interested in how others listen to audiobooks. Does it distract from what you’re doing? Or make boring activities more interesting? I play them when I do simple things—no concentration required. Otherwise the book wins and I make mistakes. They help when I’m cooking or knitting, sitting outside in the sun, or on the rare occasions when I do yard work. Years ago I traveled a lot, and they’re wonderful on a long drive. Leave a comment and I’ll add you to the drawing. I’ll post the winner here and on on Sunday evening, January 28th.

Sometime before Prime Target is available, I’ll be giving away copies of my other audiobooks, Time of Death and Haunting Refrain, so check back if you’re interested. 


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

I cannot wait to learn about audio books and start working on mine.

I actually have a hard time listening to them if I'm trying to do something else, so listen when I'm trying for some quiet time, which, I know, sounds counterintuitive.

My 95-year-old mom, loves them especially if the narrator is good, which she says isn't often.

L.A. Sartor

Ellis Vidler said...

I really like this narration. Grace makes the voices different and expresses the mood and emotions well. I listened again last week and was pleased all over again. My Amazon Fire will read it to me for a set time, like 15 or 30 minutes, so I can also listen in bed before I fall asleep.

Ellis Vidler said...

Yikes, I meant April Lowe. Grace is her middle name but she doesn't use it on this.

Ellis Vidler said...

And the winner is . . . L.A. Sartor. I'll send you the code and instructions. Maybe your mom would like it. :-)

Unknown said...

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