Friday, February 10, 2012

Those Kisses! What makes them memorable?

What are some of the greatest kisses you can remember—on-screen or off, if you care to tell? What made them stay with you?
Some screen kisses have been truly memorable. Who could forget the surprise and joy in Adrian Brody's Oscar night kiss of Halle Berry? He certainly did it well, holding her so carefully while bending over her. Such exuberance! Didn't it make you smile?
For sheer romance, there was the not-quite-kiss between Daniel Day Lewis and Madeline Stowe in Last of the MohicansHer expression and pose made that memorable, but it didn't hurt that he was the one holding her.  Be still, my heart! 
What about Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh in Gone with the Wind? What were the emotions in that kiss? Love and lust come to mind. He loved her, wanted her, and admired her spirit. Scarlett, having set her heart on Ashley Wilkes, could never admit to wanting Rhett, not until it was too late.
Kisses come in all kinds, romantic, tender, passionate, and everything in between. They can be fun, compassionate, or overflowing with love. They depend on so many things to make them memorable: the circumstances anand the persons involved are first. The kiss itself is important. What makes a kiss special to you? How do you describe it? Or do you avoid the specifics? Post some of yours. I dare you. I'll go first.
Here's a tender kiss from Cold Comfort. He turned and pulled her into his arms, kissed her swollen eyes. "I'll bring you back. I promise."
One with more passion: When she kissed him, snaked her tongue between his lips, he drew her against him, could feel the pounding of her heart.
Another from Haunting Refrain. He held her head between his hands and tilted it back, tracing the line of her throat with gentle kisses.
Searching for the word kiss in my manuscripts turned out to be an interesting exercise. Try it. You may learn something about your writing. Are they similar? Varied? Does the mood change?
Come on, share your thoughts. YYY


Polly Iyer said...

From my book InSight:

Cradling her face, he kissed her, gently poking his tongue into her mouth, moving his hands from her face into her hair, enveloping her into the cocoon of his warm body.

Ellis Vidler said...

Nice, especially the last bit about enveloping her. I can feel the warmth.

Sharon Ricklin said...

Wow, this makes me want to go back and change up a few kisses, now that I've looked at most of them!!!

But here's one I like from my novel, Ravenswynd (still editing)

His lips on mine stopped me. Perhaps I had been reminiscing too long for him because the kisses came on strong and passionate. I was swept away like a whirlwind of fire, and embraced the storm of infinite possibilities. He was a thousand volts of electricity; I became a violent tempest – spinning like a windstorm, and together we became a unified force – white hot, yet frozen on the edge of eternity.

Sharon :)

Ellis Vidler said...

Sharon, lovely and filled with passion and spirit. I'm guessing from the title this is historical romance. What period is it?

jenny milchman said...

Love the topic, Ellis! And nice quotes, all. I have exactly one kiss in my forthcoming novel...I'll look forward to hearing your take on it :)

Sharon Ricklin said...

To answer your question, Ellis, my novel is NOT historical romance...

I write romance WITH A TWIST. This one is a vampire other one is a time-travel story.

I am so glad you liked it! You can read more excerpts on my blog, if you wish! As a matter of fact, it would be awesome if you read the 3 excerpts and told me what you think!!!

Sharon :)

Ellis Vidler said...

Jenny, I'm really looking forward to reading it as soon as your book comes out! I'm sure you're ready to see it too. :-)

Sharon, I'm sure your cover will make the genre clear. Sorry I missed. I'll get there and read the excerpts.

Marni said...

Ellis, that kiss in "It Takes A Thief" always makes me swoon: where Cary Grant eyes Grace Kelly's sparkling diamond necklace, then raises his eyes to her lovely, regal face. He leans in to kiss her and they slide gracefully down, down, down onto the sofa. Hitchcock pans the camera up away from the out the window and we see: fireworks. Nuff said!

Ellis Vidler said...

Oh, my! Yes! Great scene. I'll have to watch It Takes a Thief again. I'd forgotten that.

E. B. Davis said...

A few books ago, I wrote my first romantic scene, but I couldn't make myself write it seriously so I made it comic. This book, I wrote with passion and intent, but one partner was supernatural. Sort of poetry. Maybe someday with practice, I'll do a serious romance between two actual people! Downloaded the book, Polly. Thanks for the heads up.