Monday, April 4, 2011

4th Book Release: Kind of Like Your Tenth Birthday

My guest today is Peg Herring, a former English teacher with a penchant for historical mysteries. 
Remember when you were going to turn ten years old? You were so excited to reach double digits, and you kept telling everyone it was going to happen: in a month, in two weeks, in five days, tomorrow. Their response was somewhat tepid. Even your family members, who were really excited by your third, fifth, and even sixth birthdays, seemed a little blas√© about this one. It wasn’t exactly big news anymore.
That’s what launching my fourth book is like. I’m still excited, and I want everyone to know about it. Most people try to seem interested. But there’s no sparkle in their eyes, not like with Book #1, where they were surprised (and often thrilled) to learn that they actually knew an author. Or like Book #2, where reviewers told them they would love, love, love this book.
Now it’s old news. “Peg’s written another book,” I imagine someone saying with a sigh. Some seem unwilling to meet my eye when I tell them, and I know what they’re thinking: “Is she going to keep doing this forever? Are we obligated to keep buying these books, just because we know her?”
No, you don’t have to buy this book or any book to remain my friend. If something I’ve written sounds like something you’d like to read, I hope you try it. If not, no worries. After all, you don’t feel bad when you choose one hardware store over another, do you?
So here’s my new offering. THE DEAD DETECTIVE AGENCY is a paranormal mystery, very different from my ongoing historical series starring Elizabeth Tudor.
This book is contemporary, and, according to one reviewer, it “… combines belief in the afterlife with the paradoxical uncertainty of survival in the present, and is full of wickedly dark humor combined with regular laugh-out-loud moments.” (Sam Millar, New York Journal of Books).
Here’s the teaser: Young secretary Tori Van Camp wakes on a luxurious cruise ship with a clear memory of being murdered. Enlisting the help of an odd detective named Seamus, Tori sets out to discover what happened, and who wanted her dead.
You can see more about the book at the places I’ve listed below. I hope to continue this as a series as well, so enjoy! And remember: don’t feel you have to buy an author’s book just because you know the person or met her at a book signing or get your hair done by his mother. Buy books you want to read. There are too many good stories out there not to find those that grab you.
Info & buy links for THE DEAD DETECTIVE AGENCY:
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Sandy Cody said...

No matter how many books you write, it's still a thrill when a new one comes out. It's like a child is a much-awaited first child. Congratulations! And good luck!

Peg Herring said...

Thanks, but I really shouldn't be surfing...there's the sequel hanging over my head!

Ellis Vidler said...

Peg, this is the kind of thrill we all look forward to. I think Sandy has a new one coming in June (is that right, Sandy?) and you're doing so well with yours. Both of you are impressive. I keep hoping. :-)

Maryn said...

First of all, Peg, I think it's amazing you can remember when you were ten. I'm having a hard time remembering yesterday. That aside, I would think every book is a special thrill. I have my first one coming out in about two weeks, with a second on it's tail. I'm excited as can be. Maybe you have to be an author and suffer rejection after rejection to know what a milestone it is to have a book published and how exhilarating the feeling is. Good for you. Keep writing and keep thrilling at every new book that comes out.